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How To Start Investing In Stocks In Canada

Are you ready to start building your wealth through investing in the stock market? Great! As a Canadian, you have access to a diverse range of options for buying and selling stocks. In this blog post, we’ll go over the basics of how to start investing in stocks in Canada.

First, let’s define what we mean by “stocks.” When you buy a stock, you are purchasing a small ownership stake in a company. As the company grows and becomes more profitable or simply continues being profitable, the value of your stocks may increase. This allows you to keep or sell them for a profit. There are many different types of stocks to choose from, each with its own set of risks and potential rewards.

Before you start investing in stocks, it’s important to have a clear investment strategy in place. This will help you make informed decisions about which stocks to buy and sell, and when to do so.


Diversifying your portfolio means investing in a variety of stocks from different industries and sectors. This can help mitigate the risk of losing money if one particular stock or sector underperforms. Over diversifying is probably a better strategy for a beginner before you get to learn a little more about stocks. Make sure to buy profitable and stable companies with sound balance sheets at low multiples. This strategy can go a long way.

Long-term investing

If you have a long-term investment horizon (e.g. 10+ years), you may want to consider buying and holding onto stocks for an extended period of time. Starting to invest early in stocks in Canada. It is a great way to build wealth over the long term. This can be a good strategy if you believe a company has strong growth potential and is well-positioned to weather any economic downturns.

Active trading

Active traders buy and sell stocks more frequently, looking to take advantage of short-term price movements. This can be a riskier strategy, as it requires a higher level of knowledge and expertise.

Once you have a clear investment strategy in place, it’s time to start building your portfolio. There are a few different ways to buy and sell stocks in Canada:

Online Brokerage

Online brokerages (e.g. Questrade, Wealthsimple Trade) allow you to buy and sell stocks through their platform using your computer or mobile device. Many online brokerages offer low trading fees. Some brokers are even free and have a user-friendly interface, making them a popular choice for beginner investors.

Full-Service Brokerage

Full-service brokerages (e.g. RBC Dominion Securities, TD Wealth) offer a more personalized approach to stock trading. In addition to allowing you to buy and sell stocks, these firms often provide investment advice and wealth management services. However, they may charge higher fees than online brokerages.

It’s also important to note that, as a Canadian investor, you may be subject to certain taxes on your stock trades. Capital gains tax is a tax on the profit you make when you sell stocks for more than you paid for them. In Canada, only 50% of your capital gains are taxed.

One Final Tip For Beginner Investors

Don’t be afraid to start small and build your knowledge over time. Get investment books to invest in your knowledge. Then, it’s important to do your research on specific stocks and thoroughly understand the risks and potential rewards of any investment you make. As you gain more experience and confidence, you can gradually increase the size of your portfolio.

The Bottom Line

Determine Your Investment Strategy

Do you want to diversify your portfolio, hold onto stocks for the long-term, or actively trade? Having a clear strategy in place will help guide your investment decisions.

Choose The Right Platform

Online brokerages and full-service brokerages are popular options for buying and selling stocks in Canada. Consider factors such as fees, convenience, and the level of personalization you desire when making your decision.

Understand The Risks And Potential Rewards

Stock investing carries inherent risks, and it’s important to understand that you may lose money as well as make money. Do your research and thoroughly evaluate the companies you are considering investing in.

Start Small And Build Gradually

Don’t feel like you need to invest a large amount of money right away. It’s okay to start small and gradually increase your portfolio as you gain more experience and confidence.

We hope this blog has provided you with a helpful overview of how to start investing in stocks in Canada. Happy investing!