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Canadian Delisted Companies On The TSX & TSX-V

Canadian delisted companies are companies that have been removed from a stock exchange, usually because they have gone bankrupt or have been acquired by another company. Delisting can also occur when a company fails to meet the requirements for listing on an exchange, such as minimum trading volume or financial performance.

When a company is delisted, its stock is no longer traded on the exchange, and investors can no longer buy or sell shares of the company on the Canadian exchange. Delisted companies may still be traded on other exchanges or in the over-the-counter (OTC) market, but they are typically not as liquid or transparent as listed companies.

Delisting can have a negative impact on the value of a company’s stock, as it reduces the visibility and liquidity of the company’s shares. It can also make it more difficult for the company to raise capital, as it no longer has access to the capital-raising opportunities afforded by being listed on an exchange. Below are all delisted companies on the Canadian TSX and TSX-V exchanges.

TSX Delisted Companies, In Reverse Chronological Order

Company NameSymbolDate
Trilogy International Partners Inc.TRLDec. 23, 2022
Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.TRQDec. 19, 2022
Tiger International Resources Inc.TGRDec. 19, 2022
Franklin U.S. Investment Grade Corporate Bond Active ETFFLUIDec. 16, 2022
NorZinc Ltd.NZCDec. 15, 2022
First Trust AlphaDEX Emerging Market Dividend ETF FDEDec. 6, 2022
First Trust AlphaDEX European Dividend Index ETFEURDec. 6, 2022
First Trust Tactical Bond Index ETFFTBDec. 6, 2022
Franklin Emerging Markets Multifactor Index ETFFLEMDec. 5, 2022
RBC Target 2022 Corporate Bond Index ETFRQJNov. 22, 2022
NexJ Systems Inc.NXJNov. 14, 2022
Xebec Adsorption Inc.XBCNov. 14, 2022
Avcorp Industries Inc.AVPNov. 9, 2022
Recipe Unlimited CorporationRECPNov. 1, 2022
Great Panther Mining LimitedGPROct. 27, 2022
TransGlobe Energy CorporationTGLOct. 14, 2022
Evolve Dividend Stability Preferred Share Index ETFPREFOct. 4, 2022
Trevali Mining CorporationTVOct. 3, 2022
Source: TMX

TSX-V Delisted Companies, In Reverse Chronological Order

Company NameSymbolDate
Franchise Global Health Inc.FGHDec. 30, 2022
Bearing Lithium Corp.BRZDec. 28, 2022
Evergreen Gaming CorporationTNADec. 28, 2022
Tiger International Resources Inc.TGRDec. 19, 2022
Just Energy Group Inc.JEDec. 16, 2022
Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp.WCCDec. 15, 2022
Rupert Resources Ltd.RUPDec. 12, 2022
Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd.IPANov. 28, 2022
Ginger Beef CorporationGBNov. 14, 2022
Royal Fox Gold IncFOXGNov. 9, 2022
Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.CEMNov. 7, 2022
Savannah Minerals Corp.SVNov. 1, 2022
Hylands International Holdings Inc.HIHOct. 27, 2022
Arizona Metals Corp.AMCOct. 13, 2022
Clearford Water Systems Inc.CLIOct. 11, 2022
Source: TMX