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Founder of Clever Banker, John Wilson has 20 years of experience in publishing, insurance, corporate finance and personal finance. Clever Banker combines all these elements into one. Born in Vancouver, Canada and now living in Toronto, John holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

“I founded this site to contribute towards improving financial literacy in Canada. It also allows me to write about my favorite topics: finance and investments.”

John manages money from friends and family through TD Direct Investing, National Bank Brokerage, Disnat, Interactive Brokers & Wealthsimple accounts. He’s mostly invested in Canadian stocks, with long-time holdings such as Boyd Group, Constellation Software, MTY Food Group, CCL Industries and Enghouse Systems.

John has personal Canadian taxation notions he draws from having helped friends and family with taxes. He can also handle himself very well in financial modeling exercises, given that he’s worked in the corporate finance world earlier in his career.

Alex also writes for the French site. Clever Banker is growing into a small website now with more than 100 articles published.