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How Many Loonies In A Roll

There are 25 loonies in a roll. 

Here are other answers to questions you might have about the roll of loonies:

What Is A Canadian Loonie?

A Canadian loonie is a coin worth one dollar. The loonie gets its name from the bird on the coin.

How Much Is A Roll Of Loonies?

A roll of loonies is worth $25.

How Many Loonies Are In A Roll?

There are 25 loonies in a roll.

Why Should I Roll Loonies?

Rolling your loonies can help you keep track of how much money you have. It can also make it easier to count out when you’re paying for something.

What Is The Picture On A Canadian Dollar?

The picture on a Canadian dollar is of a loon, which is a type of bird.

What Are Loonies Made Of?

Historically, they were made of paper and were eventually coined in 80 silver. The current loonies are in multi-ply brass plated steel.

How Many Loonies Are Minted Every Year?

From less than half a million in its first minting year (1946), the Canadian Mint minted hundreds of millions of loonies over time. This number peaked in 1987 at 205,405,000. During the year 2020, they put 15,636,000 loonies in circulation.