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Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

The Features:

      • 4% cash back rewards from Canadian Tire & sister retailers: Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s, L’Équipeur, Party City, Atmosphere, Pro Hockey Life, Sports Rousseau, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey and participating Sports Experts.

      • 5¢ per litre at Gas+ and Essence+ locations.

      • 1.5% on grocery stores excluding Costco and Wal-Mart

      • 0.5% everywhere else

    Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard Competitors

    There are a few reasons to use a retailer credit card. Many retailer credit cards offer Rewards programs that give cardholders the ability to earn points or cash back on their purchases. Additionally, some retailer credit cards offer exclusive discounts and deals to cardholders that can save them money on their shopping, and said credit cards are often offered during these purchases. Finally, using a retailer credit card can help build credit history, as long as the cardholder makes their payments on time and in full.

    Other retailers in Canada offering similar credit cards: 

    The Hudson’s Bay Mastercard & The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card 

    The Hudson’s Bay Mastercard has a slightly lower interest rate on purchases at 19.90%, and also has no annual fee. The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers a 0% introductory interest rate on purchases for the first 6 months.

    Is Canadian Tire Money Still Useful

    Yes, Canadian Tire money is still useful! Many Canadian Tire stores will allow customers to use their Canadian Tire money as a form of payment, and some stores will even give customers a 10% discount on their purchase if they use Canadian Tire money. Additionally, Canadian Tire money can be used to purchase items from the Canadian Tire website.

    How To Use Canadian Tire Money Online

    There are a few ways to use Canadian Tire money online. One way is to redeem Canadian Tire money for a Canadian Tire gift card, which can then be used to make purchases on the Canadian Tire website. Another way is to redeem Canadian Tire money for Canadian Tire merchandise, which can be shipped to the customer’s home. Finally, some Canadian Tire stores also offer the option to pay for online purchases using Canadian Tire money.

    How To Earn Rewards From The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

    Rewards are earned on the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard by making purchases at Canadian Tire stores, or at any other store that accepts Mastercard. For every dollar spent, cardholders will earn 1 point. Once enough points have been accumulated, they can be redeemed for Canadian Tire merchandise, gift cards, or even cash back.

    How Much Are The Rewards Worth?

    The value of the rewards earned on the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard depends on how the rewards are redeemed. For example, 100 points can be redeemed for a $10 Canadian Tire gift card. Alternatively, 1000 points can be redeemed for $100 cash back.

    Our Review Of The Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercard

    Unless you’re an avid Canadian Tire shopper & Canadian Tire is your local gas station, we think this card is not worth it. The underwhelming 0.5% cash return on other expenses is the worst part of it.


    Our Review: 2.7/5

    Source: Canadian Tire

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